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Love The Potterotica Podcast? Want more than your weekly dose? Horny for exclusive content? Longing for fun prizes and contests? Thirsty for insider access to recordings and host shenanigans and special events? Patreon-erotica is HERE, folks!

Whether you’re a Grower or a Show-er, you’ll officially be in the club of the horniest Potterotics—collectively called ‘Dumbledong’s Army’ or ‘The Dongs’ for short. (And you can guess the secret handshake. Wait, ew!)

We’re raring to show you all of our extra goodies not available to the average listener (Dongs only). So if you wanna hop into the sack with us hornballs—buy a witch a drink first—then join us here:


Show-er Level Patrons
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Melissa Stocker
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Twylla Deguzman
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Heather M Whaley
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Alistair Kraft
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Julie-Anne Hayward
Chelsea Smith
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Sarah Nink
Teresa Fister

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Carolina He
Kai Anderson
Katie Hannah
Kenneth Robertson
Alice B
Ashli Siddall
Jenny McNiven
Elizabeth Garcia
Shelby Chase
Kelsey Albert
Jillian Allison
Malin Hylland
Teresa Anderson-Sharma
Claire Brown
Lucky Bennett
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